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Undetweetable collects tweets that you thought you deleted. Enter a twitter username in the field to the right to begin viewing deleted tweets.

If the user is already in our database, we'll take you to his or her page.

Unfortunately, Undetweetable has been asked to shut down and we can no longer function without Twitter's support. This project was meant to begin a discussion about privacy and digital identity and, thanks to the overwhelming response from users like yourself, we hope that we have accomplished that goal. For now, you may continue browsing Undetweetable, but we will no longer gather deleted tweets.


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About this Project

Undetweetable was the first in a series of projects from MobileLab that question and explore issues of identity, anonymity, data ownership, authorship, and privacy.

The project was developed by @bradleygriffith this summer, 2011, in the lab with distractions, delays, and feature creep provided by Lab founder & director @therefore.

The idea originated from a bad mood in one of @therefore's fake online personas but the bulk of the blame/credit goes to @bradleygriffith for maturing and developing the project to its current state. It's his fault if anything is broken.

MobileLab is a research group in the Emerging Media + Communication (EMAC) program at the University of Texas at Dallas. Follow us at @emacutd


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Undetweetable?
Undetweetable is an archive of tweets deleted by Twitter users.

Does Undetweetable show deleted tweets since the beginning of time?
No. Undetweetable only begins gathering deleted tweets after the username associated with those tweets has been added to our database.

Can I share tweets I see on Undetweetable?
Of course! When viewing a user's page on our site, just click the time-stamp below the tweet you want to share to view it individually. From there you can retweet or reply.

Can I request to have a tweet or myself removed from Undetweetable?
You can request it, but it won't happen.

How reliable is Undetweetable?
Undetweetable is still in 'beta' stage and likely has bugs.

I deleted a tweet but it is not appearing on Undetweetable...
If you have a page on our site and your deleted tweets aren't appearing, something went wrong. Either twitter is down, has limited our access, or something went wrong on our end. This will happen occasionally, and is likely if we experience a sudden influx of visitors. Remember, we only start gathering deleted tweets after a member has been added to our site.

I have another question.
For any additional questions, shoot an email to bradley.j.griffith at gmail.com.